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February Athlete of the Month – Bec Munn

Here in the Athletic Zone we’re all on this journey ‘to be better’ as a team – What it means to you ‘to be better’ will be different to the next person; and their level of compliance and commitment ‘to be better’ will also be different to yours.

Where ever you are at, one thing is for sure it is not easy. Is it worth it? You know the answer to that, of course it is. This quest to be better, to constantly challenge yourself and each other, is what keeps you coming back day after day, week after week, month after month. This is the CrossFit community. An incredibly supportive, motivating and fun environment that helps people achieve a level of fitness and health that can’t be replicated.

Challenges, successes and triumphs shared with the entire support of the AZ group every step of the way, can simply not be underestimated!

Each month we recognise one of our athletes. This athlete may or may not know how much they are inspiring those around them with their achievements in and out of the Athletic Zone.

Congratulations to our Athletic Zone February Athlete of the Month – Bec Munn!

Bec is a true champion!

A few months ago we threw her in the deep end with her first CrossFit Competition; that first competition was the National All Stars Final!

Stepping up to compete in a CrossFit competition is a huge achievement- and for many the first one may seem especially daunting. I could only imagine how nervous Bec would have felt, but in true Bec style, she hit PB’s and achieved a 5m handstand walk – which she never thought she’d be able to do. She held her own, and did both herself and the entire Athletic Zone community extremely proud. It was an incredible day to be part of and it was an honour to be part of Bec’s team #teampeanut!

Bec is extremely consistent with her training and she is never one to make excuses – she ALWAYS makes it to training. Last week Bec told me she had breakfast in Melbourne (for work), lunch in Sydney (also for work) and then somehow made it back to Brisbane for her session by dinner.  There are not too many people I know who travel three states in one day just to make it to the gym!

Well done mate! You are a true champion and your consistency and pure willingness to give it a crack is really starting to show some awesome results.

Bec Munn one the AZ #IronMums February’s Athlete of the Month!

Written by Performance Coach Dylan Fowler

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A few moments with Bec:

When did you start doing CrossFit?

I joined Function Well a year ago, then started doing somethings at Athletic Zone a few months later. I probably started to do CrossFit classes about 6 months ago, although I did do some lifting and gymnastics before I started the classes.

Most loved WOD/Movement?

I like Angie, Barbara or Karen.

Least Favourite WOD/Movement?

Running. Any. Running. At. All.

Favourite cheat meal?

Schnitzel and chicken stock roast potatoes!!!

Proudest Moment?

At the gym? managing to survive All Stars.

At home? Anything about my gorgeous daughter!

What was your goal when joining Athletic Zone?

Become fitter, stronger and obtain better skills on everything!

What is your 6 month goal?

Ditto above (and get my shoulder right).

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym?

Yeah, everyone comments on how rough my hands are when I shake hands, I always have bruises and always have sore muscles somewhere.

My friends think I am mad, but also think its ace! I value the yin and yang of life much better as I understand the importance of rest and recovery – sometimes I even put work second!

What is your number 1 tip for someone looking to get healthier?

Listen to the advice you are given – everyday I learn something new. For me, it is about balance.

If you were to create a WOD and name it after yourself, it would be:

In teams of three, complete:

150 pull ups

150 push ups

150 sit ups

150 squats

150 wall balls

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