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January Athlete of the Month – Carlo Salanitri

Here in the Athletic Zone we’re all on this journey ‘to be better’ as a team – What it means to you ‘to be better’ will be different to the next person; and their level of compliance and commitment ‘to be better’ will also be different to yours.

Where ever you are at, one thing is for sure it is not easy. Is it worth it? You know the answer to that, of course it is. This quest to be better, to constantly challenge yourself and each other, is what keeps you coming back day after day, week after week, month after month. This is the CrossFit community. An incredibly supportive, motivating and fun environment that helps people achieve a level of fitness and health that can’t be replicated.

Challenges, successes and triumphs shared with the entire support of the AZ group every step of the way, can simply not be underestimated!

Each month we recognise one of our athletes. This athlete may or may not know how much they are inspiring those around them with their achievements in and out of the Athletic Zone.

Congratulations to our Athletic Zone January Athlete of the Month – Carlo Salanitri!


Carlo the Pharmacist turned Bikie…

In terms of people who embody the AZ ethos, Carlo is your man. Everyday he turns up with a smile that is contagious and it soon spreads to everyone else in the gym. His politically incorrect style of humour is definitely something only someone with a big heart and genuine good nature could pull off – which he does perfectly.

In terms of his training, Carlo has come a long way this year. It all started with overcoming his fear of muscle ups (finalllllly!!!) and his dedication to the little things that has resonated in the form of his snatch in the last few months. He has spent a lot of time on his mobility and trying more than one approach to unlock really good positions in his over squat and mobility. Every aspect of his fitness has improved and we all look forward to watching him progress even further over the next year.

Well done to one of the AZ legends and just an all-round good dude – well done brother!

Written by Performance Coach Dylan Fowler

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A few moments with Carlo:

When did you start doing CrossFit? I started cross-fit in June 15. I think. It’s been a bit over a year.

Most loved WOD/Movement? Pretty much any gymnastic movement.

Least Favourite WOD/Movement? Anything to do with the Airdyne.

Favourite cheat meal? Burgers.

Proudest Moment? Getting a ring muscle up for the first time.

What was your goal when joining Athletic Zone? Get fit and have fun.

What is your 6 month goal? Get some more weight on my oly lifts. Any weight would be good.

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym? I spend a heap of time with the cool kids from the box outside of the box now. Great bunch of people!

What is your number 1 tip for someone looking to get healthier? Train with your shirt off.

If you were to create a WOD and name it after yourself, it would be: Carlo’s Big Fabulous WOD that you should do.


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