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Strengthening Your Mind Can Be The Most Important Reps You Can Do.

Thanks to one of our athletes Prue, for recommending Mark Divines work, who is the founder of Sealfit and Unbeatable Mind. I have recently been reading and listening to his pod casts, he is an ex Navy Seal and a seriously inspirational guy.

The Power of Visualisation

One simple tip I got from a recent podcast of Mark’s was the power of visualisation. I’ve been implementing his ‘Morning Ritual’ into my daily routine which I’ve found very useful, it has increased my productivity.

I want to share this principle with you, which is applicable to our workouts.

Visualising Your Next WOD 

As the coach presents the brief and explains each component of the WOD, I want you to visualise yourself completing each component.

Don’t just sit there and listen, think about where your equipment is going to go, how you are going to break it down, what scaling option you are going to use and how you are going to complete it.

By mentally preparing and visualising yourself completing the workout, questions can often come to mind so it is important to ask for assistance from the coach. This will enable you to achieve a stronger understanding before getting into the session.

Mark talks about visualising “winning the workout” in your mind. That doesn’t mean you have to get the heaviest weight or fastest time, it just means having a win for yourself. Walking out of the class feeling like you “got better”.

“Win it in your mind before you start.”

Your attitude from when you walk in the front door can dictate if you are going to have a win in that days session or not.

Our tip is to leave your baggage at the front door – if you’ve had a shitty day, leave it at the front door, change your state – Your self talk and interaction with fellow athletes is now positive, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how powerful this can be. We want to make your CF class the best part of your day!

Paying full attention in the brief and visualising can be the difference between an OK session and a GREAT session. Try to forget about your nagging boss, painful customer or whatever has got you down that day and use the next hour as your way to forget about the world and have some YOU time with your fellow athletes.

Not only that, if you are distracted and miss vital parts of the brief, you could injure yourself or fall short of good results because you haven’t scaled appropriately.

There is no doubt what you do in the gym has a carry over into every other aspect of your life. As coaches, we have the opportunity to help change people’s lives for the better through fitness, by achieving fitness and body composition goals they never thought possible. This was achieved, not by some magic program or nutrition plan which is of course important but before any of that, results are only achieved when you strengthen your mind. These are the most important reps you can complete.

If you keep telling yourself “I’ll never be able to do 5 pull ups”, “I’ll never look good in my bikini”, “I’ll never be able to do a muscle up”, that’s exactly what will happen. Change the story you are telling yourself. This is where our favourite positive dog comes in to play.

I hope you find these tips useful to help you not only be better in the gym but outside it too. We look forward to seeing you at the next class having fun and improving mentally and physically.

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