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2017 CrossFit Open Wrap Up


Just like that the 2017 CrossFit Open is over. It’s important to take a moment reflect and acknowledge on some of the highlights, awesome achievements and thank everyone involved.

Congratulations to all competitors who registered for the 17.5 CrossFit Open.

Thank you to all competitors, judges, coaching staff and visitors who helped out over the 5 weeks.



When there is growth in any aspect of life there is happiness. Whether that growth be financially, spiritually, professionally or with your body and fitness. This is one of the many reasons and best parts of CrossFit, it makes you grow in many ways that go way beyond the workout – The CrossFit Open takes this to the next level.

Over the 5 weeks we witnessed many of you uncover potential you didn’t know you had with your first “muscle up”, “double unders”, “Rx workout” or just taking your body to place it’s never been before. We also witnessed weaknesses exposed for our elite athletes through to our beginners. This is the magic of CrossFit, it challenges you to grow, this is why it is so damn rewarding. Already many of you are hard at work and determined to make your weaknesses in 2017 your strengths in 2018.


One of the special parts of CrossFit is the community it creates, not just in our box but world wide. It’s crazy to think there were like-minded people all around the world just like us; waiting, guessing, anticipating what the workout was going to be each week.

To be a part of something that expanded our community and welcomed some awesome guests from other boxes who dropped in to get their Open workout in while travelling – is something pretty cool to be a part of!


From the whole coaching team we couldn’t be prouder of everyone who participated in the Open, especially those who really stepped out of your comfort zone by registering.

Watching you all push harder and further, hit new PRs and nail new movements was bloody awesome, well done!


1st Place


Congratulations to Campbell  for taking out the title of our fittest member for the 2017 CrossFit Games Open. Thoroughly deserved, your dedication is an inspiration to everyone in the box.

Spirit of the Open

Congratulations Rachel on your outstanding performances over the 5 weeks, you were very nervous about doing the Open but took on the challenge and absolutely smashed it each week by giving your best.

Thank you for being an inspiration to our AZ community!

 Best Dressed

Coach Matt

Say no more, thanks for setting the standard week one young pup with the fun and dress code.


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