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April Athlete of the Month – Wendy Williams

Here in the Athletic Zone we’re all on this journey ‘to be better’ as a team. What it means to you ‘to be better’ will be different to the next person; and their level of compliance and commitment ‘to be better’ will also be different to yours.

Where ever you are at, one thing is for sure – it is not easy. Is it worth it? You know the answer to that, of course it is. This quest to be better, to constantly challenge yourself and each other, is what keeps you coming back day after day, week after week, month after month. This is the CrossFit community. An incredibly supportive, motivating and fun environment that helps people achieve a level of fitness and health that can’t be replicated.

Challenges, successes, and triumphs shared with the entire support of the AZ group every step of the way, simply cannot be underestimated!

Each month we recognise one of our outstanding athletes. This athlete may or may not know how much they are inspiring those around them with their achievements in, and out, of the Athletic Zone.


Congratulations to Athletic Zone’s March Athlete of the Month – Wendy Williams!

Walk into AZ at 7 am, and you might find Wendy roping people in to perform a 10 minute plank. She does so with such a caring and gentle nature, that you’re almost convinced it’s going to be fun, and we’ve seen her get a group of 10+ involved! Constantly working to improve, she is often working on the basics after class like skipping, core work, or strict pull ups. Even with all the extra work, she is still humbly surprised when she hits a PB like 3 strict pull ups in a row!

As a coach, she is a dream to work with because she listens intently, modifies workouts appropriately, and pushes hard during every single session. She’s also constantly encouraging her fellow classmates and giving up her free time to support others especially during the Open!

Thank you for always having a smile on your face and being such a positive person in the box!

By CrossFit Coach Alex Hopson


A few moments with Wendy: 

When did you start doing CrossFit? 2017. But with work travel I was very inconsistent. When I joined Athletic Zone
in July 2018 I committed to showing up 4-5 days a week which has made a huge difference in reaching my goals.
Most loved WOD/Movement? Cleans 🙂
Least Favourit WOD/Movement? Wall Balls 🙁
Favourite cheat meal? Pizza!
Proudest Moment? Making so many friends at Athletic Zone!!
I was apprehensive to move to a new country and didn’t know what to expect socially.  No one LOVES to workout every
day, but each morning at 6am I walk in to see the smiling faces of people who are ready to kickass and have some fun!
It makes all the difference in the world.
What was your goal when joining Athletic Zone?
Keep improving my technique and get fit!! The trainers have given me lots of feedback which has helped me lift heavier
safely.  Also, I went from 19.5% to 16.9% body fat (so far) which is a huge achievement for me!
What is your 6 month goal?
Perfect my snatch.
Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym? My overall health has dramatically improved which has a positive
impact on EVERYTHING.   I have also learned that 1) consistency and 2) surrounding yourself with positive people is
critical when you are trying to reach a goal.
What is your number 1 tip for someone looking to get healthier? Show up even when you don’t feel like it.
Just keep moving every day.
If you were to create a WOD and name it after yourself, it would be:
“20 Minutes in Heaven” – TEAMS OF 3 /20 minute time cap

1000m row, 100 burpees, 100 cleans, 100 pullups, 1000m row

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