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Inspired by the btwb challenge, once a week over the next month we’ll be posting a new challenge for our members to partake in.

The challenge will be lots of fun, along with there’s nothing like a little competition to get you motivated and give your training a little more purpose. Besides that you’ll also be helping one of our awesome athletes, and all round legend Kate Barnes.

Kate had an unfortunate accident dislocating her shoulder requiring surgery and we want to help Kate with her out of pocket expenses. This is one of the community activities we’ll be doing over the coming months.

Not only will you improve your fitness and have fun with your epic training buddies but you’ll also be helping one of your fellow members out. So what’s to lose?


In true CrossFit style the weekly challenge may vary in skill difficulty, intensity or style of workout. The workouts are designed to be short and sharp. Think of them as a little “finisher” at the end of class.

To keep it interesting and inclusive for all members the weekly prizes will be available to the weekly male and female winner and a weekly raffle winner (randomly picked from people who completed the challenge for that week).


Week 1: Raffle prize = Shorts from Lulu Lemon

Male and Female winner = Bodyspanner mini

Week 2: Raffle Prize = FREE 4 Week NEXT LEVEL Intensive entry.

Male & Female Winner = Remedial Massage

Week 3: Raffle Prize = Our practitioner grade Magnesium + Fish oil Supplement Bundle

Male & Female Winner = 1 Week of Bulletproof coffees at Wilde Kitchen

Week 4: Raffle Prize = 1kg True Protein + Shaker + True Pre-Workout

Male & Female Winner = AZ Shirt


It’s all pretty simple.

Each week on the Sunday we will release the challenge for the upcoming week on Facebook and the btwb app.

  1. We’ll be posting a new challenge every Sunday night at 8pm, scheduled as part of the Monday class for that week in btwb. You’ll have until that Saturday @ 8.30am (after the Saturday CrossFit Class) to log your score in BTWB. This means you need to have your BTWB account activated, if you haven’t already done this give yourself 50 burpees…Just joking. But honestly you have this amazing performance tracking software available to you absolutely FREE as an AZ member, start using it – you won’t regret it!
  1. Your attempt must be supervised by a CF coach on completion of an AZ class ( CrossFit, Weightlifting or gymnastics). They’re only short so will only take a few minutes most weeks + doing at the end of a class as a nice spicy little finisher adds to the class fun. Along with this, it is the easiest way to make sure the standards are consistent and most time efficient to get everyone through across the week.
  1. To register your score all you need to do is open up your BTWB app or log in on your desktop, go to the Monday of that week e.g week one will be 8th May and log your score. Even if you don’t complete on the Monday you can go back to the challenge programmed on the Monday of each week and register your score at anytime during the week. You can complete the weekly challenge as many times as you like each week.


Start Date: 8th May, 2017

Cost: $20





To give you a little bit of extra time to practice we thought we’d give you week one early.

Max Reps of Double Unders in 3 minutes.

The standard double-under rules apply in which the rope passes under the feet twice for each jump. The rope must spin forward for the rep to count. Only successful jumps are counted, not attempts. So if you hit your feet on rep 400, you’re at 399. No bro reps.

If by any chance two people tie on their score, the tie-breaker will be a head-to-head double under battle of max unbroken double unders.

To go unbroken, 1 minute is pretty do-able for a lot of people. 2 minutes, things start to get real. But 3 minutes is a whole new ball game.


Get involved and have some fun, good luck


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