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CrossFit Games Open Schedule – CrossFit Newstead




Any excuse to get together with your like-minded AZ buddies is always a guaranteed good time. You’ll also get to meet other legends that make up our AZ CrossFit community that you may not have met yet – if you’re part of the AM class crew you’ll get to meet the PM crew and vice versa.

Whether you’ve registered for the Open or not we want you to be part of the Open fun and excitement by jumping in on the action.

Please don’t think “I’m not fit enough”, the great thing about CrossFit is everything can be scaled to your current level. Here is 93 year old George completing CrossFit Games Open workout 17.1. Our number one priority is to keep you safe and injury free, we’ll scale the workout down to a level that enables you to complete it safely.

If George can do it so can you!


Our 93 year old member George going through 17.1 with Coach Sophie McLean this afternoon. Awesome work George!!!

Posted by Reebok CrossFit 365 on Monday, 27 February 2017



Best Dressed

We will have a prize for best dressed each week – be sure you can complete the WOD in your outfit. Must complete the Open workout in your outfit to WIN……Rumour has it coach Matt will be throwing down in his budgie smugglers?  

Ping Pong Tournament

Our Ping Pong table will be set up, WINNER takes all……We’re not exactly sure what that is yet?


Random prizes for registered athletes



Over the remaining 4 weeks, every Saturday morning will be dedicated to the CrossFit Open, from 8am – 11am.

Enabling you to make your way to the box anytime between 8am-11am to get your workout in with our continuous wave schedule. This will replace our normal 7am CrossFit class whilst the CrossFit Games Open schedule is on.


When you arrive at Stadium CrossFit Newstead on Saturday morning or prior (on Friday) after the weekly announcement you will need to register for a wave on the white board.

The length of the waves will be based on the duration of the workout. The down time between waves will depend on the logistics/equipment required for that week’s workout.


Working off a 10min AMRAP

8:20am Start; Wave 1

5 minute down time

8:35am Wave 2

5min down time

8:50am Wave 3


The number of athletes we get through each wave will depend on the workout.



To ensure we run on time for you and the wave you have registered for, there will be no coach ran warm up. Athletes are responsible for their own warm up prior to their wave.

We will have a recommended warm up in the designated warm up zone, which we encourage you to follow. However, we do understand many athletes have their own special needs and warm up rituals prior to 3-2-1 GO, so you are of course welcome to do whatever you need to do to get ready mentally and physically  before your wave.


Please make sure you have your own judge (from our community) ready to judge you on the day. Your judge must have a minimum 6 months CrossFit experience, if you are a “high level” athlete an experienced judge must be used.

Judges must be willing to strongly enforce the movement standards set for the workout and not afraid to “no rep” where required.

We will have 3-4 coaches on deck for each wave to ensure the required standards are being met and enforced.


Ask one of your training buddies at the next class, put a post on our AZ Athletes private Facebook group with your wave time or see a coach and we’ll line one up for you.


The CrossFit Open creates an incredibly exciting event every week as the whole CrossFit world anticipates the weekly workout.

Together lets make the AZ electric!

Many of our athletes have been dedicated to their training preparing for whatever fitness challenges the Open throws at them. So it’s only fitting that we create an EPIC environment and atmosphere for them every Saturday to do their best. It’s amazing what some loud music, people cheering, food and a nice smooth event can do to get that little bit extra out of the tank.

If you haven’t officially registered for the Open we encourage and would love you to attend by participating or cheering loudly. Getting out of your comfort zone and jumping in on the action will expose you to the “competition” style format which will motivate you in many ways. The environment often leads to many people achieving personal records, discovering a passion to compete or creating goals to master movements that challenged them.

If you’re going through the motions, get along Saturdays….you won’t regret it!




Pop in anytime throughout the morning to jump in a wave (remember not required to have registered for the Open to participate) or get along to encourage and cheer loud.

Everyone is welcome; feel free to bring your friends and family along to be part of the amazing community that is CrossFit Newstead.

Note: Due to time restrictions and insurance purposes only AZ members can participate in the scheduled waves on the day, unless organised prior to the day


We will have a HUGE re-fuel table set up. We’d love it if as many members as possible could bring a plate of some description along. Life is simply better when there is food available.

Good nutrition is really important to us, we kindly ask that it be of the “clean” variety.

Volunteer to Judge

If you are judging please be at the AZ at 7.45am to be briefed on the judging role and standards.


It is our preference registered athletes attend Saturday mornings. If you can not attend Saturday mornings please see a coach for alternative options.

We hope to see you all Saturday, it’s going be AWESOME.

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