As some may or may not know, Cam actually started CrossFit in 2012, not too long after becoming vision impaired. It was this event that actually got Cam focused on his health and interested in fitness. “Discovering CrossFit at the same time as this sudden impact on my health worked really well – it allowed me to channel that raw energy in a way that led me to being able to live a more optimal life inside and outside of the box.”
Unfortunately, after Cam became legally blind in 2016 it became far too difficult navigating to his original box and trying to establish himself in new boxes and new communities closer-by was out of the question. Regardless, this did not stop him, and Cam continued to train, setting up a small home gym. He used CrossFit to help navigate through an incredibly difficult stage in his life and come out the other side.
Since then, Cam has recovered some of his vision just prior to joining us at Athletic Zone (how good right!).
In his time with us, Cam had made improvements across all domains but most notably achieving a ring muscle up in a workout for the first time. 
Cameron is an inspiration to many of us inside and outside the gym and has been an awesome addition to our community. 
No matter what the excuse may be anyone can make an effort to improve their health and fitness !