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Nutrition – How important is it for my training ?

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It’s all too often we as coaches are asked – “I struggle on longer workouts, what more can I do?” or “I just want to get stronger!” or our favourite “I really just want to get (insert CrossFit Games goals here) but…”.

Before we embark on our quest to find fancy solutions in countless Youtube videos, cutting edge new CrossFit gear and elite programs that require us to quit our jobs and cancel all social events until 2020, our solution may be far more easier, cheaper and less time consuming than we might think.


I often use the analogy “You wouldn’t put sh*t fuel in a Ferrari would you?”. Whilst there maybe a degree of inaccuracy in that statement these days and disregarding the performance stats of a Tesla, the crux of that message is a very easy one to understand. You want and expect a high performance output but you’re input is pure rubbish. Why have so much importance on trying to change everything else, spending all that time and hard earned money when you can start by just changing what you do in the kitchen?

There are many diets out there and I am by no means in a position to recommend anything in particular as a one size fits all solution however I can say this… Think about what you put into your body on a daily basis. It will be difficult at first but it will be the best place to start your fitness journey. For me personally I find best results from a high fat diet (good fats), few carbs and sticking to basic whole foods in it’s purest form.

We have fantastic resources with content around food/nutrition that can point you in the right direction so check it out for more info (Ultimate Body Ebook).





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