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    Training for the CrossFit Open

    Uncategorized | February 21, 2015

    What is the CrossFit Open? The CrossFit Games stand alone as the ultimate test of fitness. No test, regardless of its lofty claims, c [...]

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    Is Your Positive Dog Hungry?

    Training and nutrition | January 13, 2015

    Feed the positive dog.  Now sure everyone is going to have a bad day or period at some time in their life that is challenging and over [...]

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    CrossFit Terminology…Acronyms and Abbreviations

    Training and nutrition | January 13, 2015

    AMRAP: As Many Reps (sometimes Rounds)as Possible BP: Bench press BS: Back squat BW (or BWT): Body weight CFT: CrossFit Total – consi [...]

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    Athletic Zone Open Day

    Events (Upcoming) | January 7, 2015

    Date: February 28th  Join us for the official opening of our new Athletic Zone (home of CrossFit Newstead, WrestleFit, Weightlifting [...]

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    Athletic Zone Games

    Events (Upcoming) | January 7, 2015

    Your team could WIN over $1000 worth of Prizes  Think of your best times growing up, if like me it was being part of a team – al [...]

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    Fitness Goal Board

    Training and nutrition | January 4, 2015

    We’ve got lots of exciting events and programs to kick off 2015 to make it a successful and fun year on the health and fitness front. [...]

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    Welcome to the Athletic Zone – Home of CrossFit Newstead

    Educational | December 1, 2014

    EBOOK (5) [...]

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    Members Letter

    Uncategorized | October 20, 2014

    Dear Valued Function Well Member, I am writing to share with you some exciting news about an additional premier membership offering com [...]

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    CrossFit Newstead Overview

    Uncategorized | October 16, 2014

    What Can You Expect from CrossFit Newstead?  Improved body composition (more muscle & less body fat) Improvement in all elements o [...]



    VIDEOS | October 15, 2014


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