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Patience is Key with CrossFit


Today is a good workout to remind you about the importance of PATIENCE and following the various stages of progressions. I’m yet to meet someone who bangs out muscle-ups, strings 50 double unders and snatches 80kg first session.

The Snatch is probably the most complex movement you will learn in CrossFit. The only way to master this movement is practice and being patient with the progressions.

Like in any aspect of life you want to improve, it doesn’t just happen. If you want to excel and be better than the average, you have to put in the work! You must be willing to do more than the average person.

One of my favourite quotes is from the great Bruce Lee… “Energy flows where attention goes”.

There is no truer statement. Relating this to CrossFit if there is a skill you want to master, lets say it is the Snatch. Set an action plan in place to master this magical, athletic movement.

Jump onto and watch the educational youtube videos, ask a coach for some progressions relative to you, for the majority mobility overhead is very restricted and this should be the number one focus. If this is you schedule some Restoration Zone Yoga classes EVERY week, along with daily mobility drills (Mobility WOD is a great resource), attend our Weightlifting Club or invest in a few Private Coaching Sessions.

“We don’t get what we wish for; we get what we work for”.

As Crossfit coaches we understand when you first start it can seem like some of the more challenging movements is an unachievable goal. As you look around the box and see your fellow athletes smashing out a WOD more than likely most of them started where you are right now and thought the same thing.

By being patient, consistent, respecting the movements and their progressions and practicing they are where they are now.

We promise with dedication it will come in time for you too………Most importantly you’ll get here safely, injury free.

This is one of the many beautiful things about Crossfit, it exposes you to movements once only used by elite athletes.

If they were easy, the journey and the reward at the end wouldn’t be as rewarding.



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