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Performance Nutrition & Supplementation for the 2017 CrossFit Open



Whether we’re looking to give our best performance for the Open or looking to perform better as a parent, husband, wife or businessperson. Nutrition plays a vital role, having a ripple effect to improve every other aspect of our lives.

Making quality nutrition with the integration of important supplements a priority in your life provides you with focused energy and increased mental acuity. Who doesn’t want that? So it goes without saying that nutrition should be as much a priority as the workouts throughout the Open.


How you are fuelling your body not just on the day, but also your nutrition in the week of training leading up to each weeks Open WOD is probably of more importance than what you consume on the day.

Most people place the importance on nutrition on the day. The real rewards come by  putting the effort in the kitchen with meal prep and adequate supplementation throughout the week to help you recover from each session and ensure you are providing your body with adequate fuel for every session. This will have you regenerated, ready to perform at your peak for the weekly Open workout.

Without doubt focusing on your nutrition will have a much greater positive impact on your overall standing on the leaderboard, than just focusing on the workouts.


Click here to read our 10 Performance Tips Interview with Brad of

There is some great content in this interview, sure to help you be on track for your nutrition to help your performance during the Open and beyond.


Brads top 3 supplement recommendations were creatine, whey protein and fish oils. We couldn’t agree more.

1) Creatine: It is the single most effect legal performance enhancing substance there is. Plus it is safe and super cheap.


2) Whey Protein: Its benefits on lean mass and recovery is well supported. Plus, I can only handle eating so much meat in a day and trying to reach my daily protein needs without it is daunting (my jaw hurts just thinking about chewing that much).


3) Fish Oil: Fish oil has a lot of potential benefits with zero drawback if taken in smart doses (5g/day). Read more on the endless benefits of quality fish oils 


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