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Program Update, Week Commencing 11th May

CF Open officially done and dusted, de-load week done, last week was a reduced intensity week (in relation to CNS) now it’s time to get back into some intensification (heavier loads) to get the body strong (improving your strength will give you the greatest opportunity to improve your WOD performance, along with improved health and body shape – looking better in the nudie), to get those participating in our In House WL Comp ready for the heavier loads.

Also keep an eye out for some of our AZ Benchmark Wall Tests programmed in over the next few weeks

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Understanding Energy Systems

As you know here in the AZ we have a very scientific approach to our programming, in particular to Energy System Training.

Below is a link to a Barbell Shrugged Podcast I listened to last week, it will help give you as athlete an understanding on why we  program AnLactate Power, AnLactate Endurance, Maximum Aerobic WODs etc. across the week.

Click here for podcast (youtube video) Anaerobic Training for CrossFit  


Athletes wanting to optimise their performance, we recommend purchasing a MyZone belt or borrowing a belt for any CF class that gets the heart rate cranking or any of our other HR based classes upstairs (HIIT, EST, Met Con, Boxing).

As a CF athlete MyZone will help you learn how to pace and control your breathing for the longer WODs and when anaerobic WODS as outlined in podcast above are programmed you can ensure you are working in the right zones.

We recommend purchasing your own belt online and using the code:FWAU001 to receive the full benefits of MZ. Alternatively we do also provide belts to borrow for classes upstairs.

Note: We don’t have a MZ screen in the Athletic Zone, best to use app on your phone for tile display

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