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September Athlete of the Month – Brett Whitting

Here in the Athletic Zone we’re all on this journey ‘to be better’ as a team – What it means to you ‘to be better’ will be different to the next person; and their level of compliance and commitment ‘to be better’ will also be different to yours.

Where ever you are at, one thing is for sure it is not easy. Is it worth it? You know the answer to that, of course it is. This quest to be better, to constantly challenge yourself and each other, is what keeps you coming back day after day, week after week, month after month. This is the CrossFit community. An incredibly supportive, motivating and fun environment that helps people achieve a level of fitness and health that can’t be replicated.

Challenges, successes and triumphs shared with the entire support of the AZ group every step of the way, can simply not be underestimated!

Each month we recognise one of our athletes. This athlete may or may not know how much they are inspiring those around them with their achievements in and out of the Athletic Zone.

Congratulation to Athletic Zone’s Athlete of the Month – Brett Whitting!


Humble, hard working and just an all round good bloke is what comes to mind when I think of Brett.

He is the type of bloke you look forward to seeing in the box each day.

Through his positive encouragement of fellow athletes, dedication and the hard work he puts in, he inspires us all to push a little harder or do a little bit extra to be better than we were yesterday. Brett is consistent regardless of the workout, he shows up and pushes himself each session getting the best out of himself and those around him.

His improvement in all elements of CrossFit over the last few months due to his dedication has been remarkable, which is one of the reasons we chose Brett to be this months Athlete of the Month.

We also nominated him for AOM because he is one of the first to introduce himself and make new athletes feel welcome.

Great people like Brett, with their 100% effort always attitude and friendly nature, is what makes the AZ a friendly, welcoming environment for everyone, way more than “just a gym”.

From the whole coaching team well done and very well deserving for being this months Athlete of the Month Brett!

Written By Darren

A few moments with Brett:

When did you start doing CrossFit?

About 2 years ago.

Most loved WOD/Movement?

I really enjoy gymnastic movements. HSPU, muscle ups, etc.

Least favourite WOD/Movement?

least favourite movement is Double Unders, and any WOD that includes Double Unders.

Favourite cheat meal?

Doughnuts and beer…beer is a meal, right?

Proudest moment?

Crossing the finish line of my first marathon.

What was your goal when joining Athletic Zone?

To learn new things from new coaches, particularly around Olympic lifting.

What is your 6 month goal?

I had a lot of endurance goals that I achieved in the first half of the year. The next 6 months I want to focus more on strength and Olympic lifting.

Has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym?

Definitely. Even sitting at a desk all day, I have more energy than ever before.

What is your number 1 tip for someone looking to get healthier?

Educate yourself about good nutrition; the more you understand it, the easier it is. And surround yourself with like-minded people.

If you were to create a WOD and name it after yourself, what would that be?

The ‘MOD WOD’ (it’s a modified version of another WOD that I like).

800m RUN




800m RUN




800m RUN

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