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How to Structure my CrossFit WOD for Maximal Efficiency

This Saturday we have “DT” programmed, which is a common and favoured Hero WOD amongst many CrossFit athletes. We’ll use “DT” as an example on how you can maximise your efficiency. The tips recommended for “DT” can of course be applied to any CrossFit workout.


Five rounds for time of:
155 pound Deadlift, 12 reps
155 pound Hang power clean, 9 reps
155 pound Push jerk, 6 reps



You do this by identifying out of the movements listed what is going to be your limiting factor for movement quality. I.e. what is going to break down first? If you can deadlift 150kg but are still mastering the technical proficiency for the power clean and push jerk, scale to a load on the power clean and push jerk that allows you to execute with solid mechanics – your first rep should be as good as your last rep on all movements.

Regardless of what your strength is, movement quality should always be the focus over the load being lifted!

How well you can move with good positions (neutral spine) is what sets you up for a healthy, injury free body that is efficient – there is no substitute for mechanics when looking to maximise your efficiency.

Mastering your technique MUST always be the focus.


Because we are neurologically wired for repetition. If we do more reps with poor form you will be wired to do more reps with poor form, resulting in an increased risk of injury and your progress ultimately hitting a brick wall.

What’s the best way to learn technique?

We learn good technique with a light load for multiple reps. You will never master good technique if you have too much weight on the bar for your current level.


 When looking at a workout like DT the common thought process is to look at only the required rep range for each round:

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Power Clean

6 Push Jerk

Rather than the workouts total volume:

12 DL x 5 rounds = 60 DL

9 HPC x 5 rounds = 45 HPC

6 PJ x 5 rounds = 30 PJ


Before starting a workout like DT you should always have a plan.

  • With “DT” the movement for most that will be the limiting factor will be push jerk, use the push jerk weight as your load indicator for the workout.
  • Grip is going to be tested in this workout. Again look at the total volume per round not the reps per exercise. If you have selected a suitable load you should be able to do at least the first round unbroken (dumping the bar in between each movement is fine). Grip intensive reps per round (12 DL + 9 HPC) = 21 reps. It’s fair to say the forearms will be burning, grip endurance is something to take into consideration and not take lightly prior to “321 GO”.
  • Don’t RED LINE too early. Work at a pace that allows you maintain a consistent pace with controlled breathing, save a little in the tank to go for broke towards the back end of the rounds.
  • Move at a speed that allows you to move fast while keeping control of your body with optimal bar path for every rep.


Watching experienced athletes is a great way to pick up efficiency tips. Here is the machine Annie Thorisdottir  completing DT.

Move well, work hard, stay safe and enjoy “DT” on Sat

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