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Top 5 Reasons Why People Think They Can’t do the Open

By Coach Dylan

1.“I’m not good enough”

Every single year people who are far less fit, far less experienced, have no legs, one arm, are in a wheel chair or have been doing CrossFit for less than a month join in on the fun of the open. You are always good enough, you were born good enough and you will die good enough! Believe in yourself and you will have an awesome time. #believe



2. “I can’t do a muscle up or some of the other technical movements!”

That’s fine! A very big part of the Crossfit community can’t do a muscle up. So many, that in fact at one stage they had a page on the CrossFit website with names of people who could! The Muscle up is a very challenging movement and CrossFit HQ knows this. For this reason, each workout provides the option of a scaled division. If you can do a push up, and you’re able to breathe, you will able to do the workouts. Who knows? You may even get your very first pull up, muscle up or double under!


3. “I am too old”

 No you’re not! Just like the scaled division, CrossFit HQ knows that the CrossFit community is so diverse and that a lot of affiliates have older members and athletes! This gives everyone of every age a chance to compete against people in their own age group. The Masters categories start at 35, and go all the way up to 60+. There are also scaled divisions for these categories as well!


4. “I don’t like competing”

While a lot of people do enjoy the competition side of things, you can still treat it as a friendly competition with yourself. Set yourself little goals for each workout. Do your best to hit them, and if you do, give yourself a pat on the back (be ready for all our other athletes to give you one as well), if you don’t, adjust your plan for next time. Crossfit can teach us a lot more about ourselves than just getting fit and healthy, as Coach Glassman has said, “often the greatest adaptation to crossfit is the one between the ears”


5. “I can’t make the Saturday class”

Not an Issue! To make your score count, all you have to do is complete the workout anywhere between 10am Friday and 10 am Tuesday. One of our other lovely athletes or coaches will be more than happy to score for you. Our AZ Athletes Facebook group is a great place to set up a time to get your workout done!

All in all the open is one of the coolest events you can do especially if you are a CrossFitter. Face your fear, have faith in yourself, enjoy the experience and give it your best shot. It is only you vs you, and you are amazing 🙂

Go get it team

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