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Why a De-Load Week Coming into the Open?


We have been hitting the WODs pretty hard in preparation for the Open, which is what is required, unfortunately there is no magic pill we can take to achieve optimal performance – The only way to achieve the best results possible is to train hard consistently often.

Now the hard work has been done, it’s important a scheduled rest/de-load week is implemented. As you know regardless if we are preparing for the open or not, it is recommended a de-load week when you have been training consistently with intensity is implemented every fourth week.

One week out from the Open more than ever a reduced intensity week is vital, having a lighter week will benefit you more than smashing out more sessions.

One week of training won’t elicit a significant supercompensation response, focusing on restoration protocols and fine tuning your technique will serve you better than additional workouts. You’ll be fresh mentally and physically, ready to give the Open your best shot

The Deload Week: Why You Need to Incorporate it Into Your Training


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