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AZ Human Movement Series

AZ Human Movement Series – Using the Ido Portal Method 

Next Program Commences 8am Saturday 11th July.

All movements covered throughout the 6 weeks are scaleable to your current level, beginners are welcome and encouraged to register – No previous experience is required. An interest in movement is beneficial.

As Humans it is Curtail that we have:

  • Complexity in our lives. When was the last time you learnt something new? Neuroplasticity through varied games and exercises ensures your movement vocabulary is always evolving.
  • Full range of motion is key to efficient movement. Without full mobility we cannot express our true power and speed.
  • Once you have mobility then you need strength in the correct areas. Using the Ido Portal Method we incorporate mobility and strength into one.
  • Be able to Isolate; break a movement down into its individual links. Integrate; once the links are mastered we then integrate them into patterns. Improvisation; with sufficient movement vocabulary you can then begin to improvise and play.

Topics covered in the 6 weeks

  • Learn to understand your body and its movement capabilities better.
  • Cover the basics to building a better functioning body, one that can move efficiently in diverse circumstances.
  • Look into true mobility and cover a range of movements designed to increase mobility and strength.
  • Look into a variety of movement patterns. Isolate each segment of this pattern to understand it correctly. Integration of these segments into whole movement patterns. Handstand, Muscle Up, Squat.
  • How to add movement into your day to day lives and how to incorporate movement into your fitness regimes.
  • Learn the basics of how to move like and animal.
  • Begin to create some improvised play.

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Not only will you achieve an incredible level of what is referred to as ‘relative strength’ over the 6 weeks, it is common to also achieve significant improvement in any unresolved injury/pain issues. The most common injuries in todays world are shoulder and lower back issues often due to being bound to a computer for 8+ hours per day.

Here are some great tips that will be covered to restore function and resolve pain of the shoulders and lower back

Limited to 15 participants only 

6Week Program for AZ Members = $120 ($20 per class). AZ Members to secure your spot click ‘register here’ below. Note: Once you enter your mindbody username and password, the discounted rate of $120 will appear.


6 Week Program for NON AZ MEMBERS = $180 ($30 per class). Non members to secure your spot click ‘register here’ below


Classes are for 60-75mins every Saturday at 8am commencing 11th July. Payment is to be made upfront, no refunds. 


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