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EST Classes……Energy System Training

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Energy System Training Overview 

It is our goal to provide sustainable balanced fitness. In order for us to achieve this requires a scientific approach to our programming and educate our athletes to understand ‘the why’ behind our programming.

We believe in order to achieve ‘real fitness’ the athlete must understand and experience how to perform in each of the energy system realms – this is vital in achieving true balanced fitness.


3 energy systems; PC, anaerobic glycolytic, aerobic.

  1. ATP: Immediate, high power, short duration, anaerobic 3-5sec

Pc: High Power, short duration, anaerobic 5-10/20sec

  1. Glycolitic: Moderate power, short duration 10/20sec-4mins
  2. Aerobic: 4mins +

Here in the AZ under each one of these 3 main energy systems we will work 4-7 energy systems e.g Anaerobic Alactic Power, Anaerobic Alactic Endurance, Anaerobic Lactic Power 1 & 2, Anaerobic Lactic Power 1,2, Anaerobic Endurance 1,2 & 3, Maximum Aerobic Power 1 through to 7 etc.

I was introduced to the science of extensive Energy System Training when completing my certification under James Fitzgerald (the winner of the very first CrossFit Games). James is a highly sought after coach for many of the top CrossFit athletes in the world to write their programming for them. It’s fair to say he knows a thing of two about programming for serious performance enhancement.

What does this all mean?

Often we only ever train the glycolytic zone (commonly known as the “lactate zone”) and aerobic zone. For the majority of the population it is rare, if at all we truly work our initial energy systems known as our ATP and more specific to EST our PC system. This system is the system we see how much power is under the hood, it is a maximum ALL OUT effort from 5-20 sec. In order to be able to stay in this energy system and repeat the same effort requires specific work rest ratios.

At our EST classes we have specific EST charts with prescribed work rest ratios to make sure we are eliciting the correct dose response for the energy system we want to focus on for that days class.

This provides you with variety each and every class so you never get bored -You can expect to get serious results and your “cardio” to never, ever be boring again.


When looking for serious physique enhancement, fat blasting methods we want to implement strength training as well as training the anaerobic energy systems.

  1. This type of training is very calorie expensive
  2. Post exercise oxygen consumption EPOC is massive with this method of training – this means your metabolism is significantly elevated for a longer period of time, so you are a more effective fat burning machine.
  3. A hormonal response that is condusive to an improved body composition.
  4. The team environment can’t be replicated on your own. You’ll train harder, have more fun and get better results.
  5. ALL levels of fitness can participate, each class is tailored to your individual fitness level.
  6. Variety – “Cardio” will never be boring again

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Class Format

These classes are very similar to our extremely popular HIIT combo classes – you can expect the same lung burning, heart beating, muscle screaming, good times.

The only differences will be our coaches taking these classes have a longer prowler track, more rowers and more open space for you to do shuttle runs, skipping, band runs, airdynes and all the other fun cyclical EST methods.

Each workout will also be designed to provide you with the ability to record your workout results if you wish, so you can track your improvements.


If you have a MYZONE belt we strongly recommend you wear it to this class. If you have the new MZ-3 belt please ensure you have the app on your phone and bring with you to display your effort level live during the class.

The NEW MZ-3 belts are available at reception.



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