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CrossFit Newstead Performance Squad Overview

 We have an expert team of coaches that are ready to take athletes that are willing to put in the hard work and commitment to get to the next level in the sport of CrossFit.

 Performance Squad Inclusions

  • Access to our Restoration Zone
  • Access to Weightlifting Club, with Christian Hopper Lvl 3 WL coach and Exercise Physiologist. Arguably one of the very best Weightlifting Coaches in the Country.
  • Performance Squad Programming
  • Weekly Exclusive Performance Squad Session
  • 10% off all supplements
  • Regular mobility sessions with Corey Mouatt, physio and inventor of Bodyspanner

Cost: Free for existing full CrossFit Newstead athletes.

Click here to read about upcoming Benchmarking Day & required standards for the CrossFit Newstead Performance Squad


You can expect a periodised plan that builds a strong base of support, energy system and skill development with the implementation of structural balance to minimise injuries to keep you improving each phase.

The programming will be incorporated into WODIFY with our standard CrossFit programming so you can still be part of the class environment and community each day. In addition to the standard daily programming Performance Squad athletes will have multiple training sessions “extras” most days, which can be completed in the one session (obviously longer duration than the 1hr for standard CF class) or split up e.g. Morning and evening.

We will also be providing individualisation to your program if and where required in Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Energy Systems and Structural Balance.

 To apply for our CrossFit Newstead Performance Squad or for further details, click here

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