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Once you’ve completed our Foundations Program, you are all set to go with our CrossFit classes to achieve balanced fitness. A typical class consists of structural balance, mobility and combining the best parts of weight lifting, calisthenics, traditional strength training, gymnastics, interval training, kettle bells and everything in between to provide you with a very effective, motivating, fun workout every single day.

All classes are scaled to your individual level whether you are a novice or have been training for years.

You can expect better results in less time…why?

Every single class is under the guidance of our expert coaches, we know the more exposure you have to expert coaching means better results in less time than going it alone.

Combining this with the power of social motivation by training in a team atmosphere produces an incredibly supportive, motivating and fun environment. Going to the gym is no longer a chore, it becomes the best part of your day! These classes become more than just the coach supporting, motivating and encouraging you. You have the whole support of the AZ group there with you every step of the way sharing your challenges, successes and triumphs.

The power of social motivation cannot be underestimated.


Step 1: Foundations Program

By completing the Foundations Program you will get your training off to the very best possible start. Over the 3 sessions we cover:
• Current health and medical considerations
• Assessment and data in key areas of wellness, including Inbody Assessment valued at $50 to test and re-test to provide motivation and accountability and track results.
• Structural Balance assessment to prevent injury and maximise results
• Beyond the Workout: The importance of Nutrition and Lifestyle factors to support balance.
• Mobility and remedial drills to improve and restore joint mobility and function.
• Energy Systems – the how and the why to train the different systems.
• Introduction to the fundamental movement patterns in which more complex movements are built upon; Squats, Presses, Power Movements, Olympic Lifts, Gymnastics.
• 24hour access safety brief

Throughout the workshops we will be covering our structural balance and levels of strength standards, which you will see prominently displayed around the facility. We encourage all members to strive to achieve each level of these strength and structural balance standards over time and doing so will provide you with superior results long term without injury.

Ready to Go

This is for those of you who are of an experienced level and feel confident enough to jump straight into our classes. Discuss your experience level with us upon joining to complete a fast tracked version of our Foundations Program.

*Upon completion of our Foundations Program your coach will advise you on the best program options for you to safely and effectively move forward with your training in the Athletic Zone.

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