Private Group Coaching


What is Private Group Coaching?

Private group coaching is 2-3 athletes looking to get the edge by adding some specialisation and individualised customisation to their weekly schedule. It gives you all the benefits of 1-on-1 coaching, at a fraction of the cost. Our PGC sessions are limited to 3 participants. This is so your coach is able to manage the individual programming of everyone in the group and provide appropriate nutrition and lifestyle management along the way. It is also a great option for athletes recovering from injury or new athletes to CrossFit that feel they need some additional coaching to feel more comfortable in the class environment.

Our WOD’s at Athletic Zone use a type of block periodisation between accumulation and intensification phases. This provides the athlete with the broad encompassing general fitness that is desired by one who aspires to improve at CrossFit, which in turn will improve you in all aspects of your life.

The aim of the private group coaching is to add an increased specificity into ones weekly training, along with providing education and accountability in the factors beyond the workout. If you are working towards competition, Weightlifting, gymnastics or general health and fitness improvement through CrossFit, private group coaching is the perfect compliment to our CrossFit class schedule.

We have found athletes that participate in one PGC session per week (for a minimum 6-8 week block) and consistently attend 3-4 CF classes per week achieve the best results in body composition and improvement in fitness. 

Depending on your specific goals and areas of fitness needing the most improvement will determine the focus of your PGC. As a template we generally have 5 key areas of focus:

  1.  Corrective Exercise & Mobility: We all generally have areas of restriction and a ‘weak link’ in the chain impacting your performance in the major movements. Our goal is to create structural balance to have you performing at your best.
  2. Weightlifting:  PGC or our Weightlifting Club is without the best way to advance your Oly game.
  3. Gymnastics: Progressions in skill, strength and movements derived from the foundational levels of competitive gymnastics.
  4. Energy System Development: Scientific approach to energy system training, more specific to athletes preparing for competition.
  5. Sports Nutrition, Supplementation and Lifestyle: Addressing the factors beyond the WOD required to improve body composition and enhanced performance relative to the individuals needs, goals and compliance.

PGC focuses on developing the athlete’s specific abilities in each of the above5  domains, in conjunction with the general base fitness built in the WODs.

3:1 Private Group Coaching Sessions

$40-$50 each session per person (depending on coach)

2:1 Private Group Coaching Sessions

$45-$55 each session per person (depending on coach)

1:1 Coaching Session

$80-$100 per session (depending on coach)

PGC Inclusions:

  • Monthly Bio-signature assessment and nutrition assessment using I-nutrition Pro Software (depending on coach).
  • Periodic Seminars held at Athletic Zone only for coaching clients
  • Quality programming personalised to your skill level
  • Regular skills clinic for PGC clients
  • Cross-fit Competition Event Preparation
  • Weightlifting Competition Event Preparation
  • Regular weightlifting clinic only for PGC clients.


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